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5 Tips for Choosing A Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day Care at the Willows

Doggy Day Care at the Willows

About Us Doggy Day Care at the WillowsOwning a dog is a big responsibility, and they shouldn’t be left alone all day when you are out or at work. A doggy day care service is the answer! We share some tips for choosing doggy day care for your canine companion and why socialising is important for dogs.

1. Go for a visit

We always encourage new customers to visit us to see our doggy day care services for themselves. Even if a service provider gets good reviews, it’s important to see the facilities on offer. On our premises, we have a large, secure outside paddock and sand area for our dogs to play and exercise. We also have an indoor air-conditioned, heated playroom with fun toys and a rest area with cosy beds.

2. Are they licensed?

Do your research on the doggy day care service and check they are licensed with your local authority. Doggy Daycare at the Willows, for example, has a five-star licence with Blaby Council.

3. Check the number of assistants

We make sure there is at least one member of staff for every eight dogs. This ensures your dog always receives our attention and the highest level of care.

4. Do the team have any qualifications?

It’s important to choose a doggy day care service that has some expertise in canine care. Our team have a range of experience and qualifications. Many of our assistants are qualified in Animal Care and Management, Dog Grooming, and as a Veterinary Care Assistant.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Ask the service provider what a typical day looks like for your dog and the types of activities that are on offer. Also, ask them about any policies they have about dogs’ behaviour and wellbeing. We have a strict policy on dogs being fully vaccinated, for example, including the kennel cough vaccine, and we always suggest a trial visit.

Why should you socialise dogs?

One of the most important reasons to use a doggy day care service is to socialise your dogs.
Dogs need to be socialised; it’s an important part of a puppy’s development. It helps to build their confidence and just like humans, dogs like to make friends and have fun!

Socialisation allows dogs to get used to other animals and people, so they are less fearful or aggressive. It helps them to learn how to react proportionately to the world around them. Instinctively, dogs are pack animals, which is why they love being part of your family group.

At Doggy Daycare at the Willows, we have safe and secure areas for your dogs to play and socialise. We always mix dogs in groups based on their size and temperament. Our Doggy Daycare Assistants are trained to understand dogs’ behaviour and characteristics. Our team forge strong bonds with our customers’ dogs, and our furry friends love their day care visits!

If you have any questions about doggy day care, or you’d like to bring your dog along for a visit, just get in touch.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog – 5 Tips for Choosing A Doggy Day Care. For more information please Get In Touch or Check Our Availability / Book In!

Doggy Day Care at the Willows

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