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Why is Training Important For a Dog’s Wellbeing?

Doggy Day Care at the Willows

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why is training important for a dogs wellbeingWhen it comes to dog training, there are lots of benefits for both the owners and the dog. A well-trained dog will be much happier than an untrained canine. So, why is training important for a dog’s wellbeing? As January is National Train Your Dog Month, we thought we’d look at the importance of dog training.

Boundaries build confidence

One of the main aims of dog training is to set boundaries, so the dog knows the difference between right and wrong. Many people are unaware that by setting boundaries, you will build the dog’s confidence. Your bond will also grow stronger, resulting in the dog being more relaxed. A contented canine will respond better to your commands, as they’re only too happy to please you! An untrained dog is more likely to be anxious and over-react to situations.

One common mistake is where owners get frustrated and try to appease a misbehaving dog by giving it treats. It’s really important not to reward bad behaviour with treats! This will lead to the dog becoming confused and unable to differentiate between right and wrong. As your dog gets older, it will be a lot harder to train them.

Mental stimulation and purpose

Dogs need mental stimulation to prevent them from getting bored. Although different breeds will need more stimulation than others, training is essential for any type of dog. Your dog will enjoy a sense of accomplishment from taking part in dog training activities and games. From a wellbeing perspective, this increases their sense of self-worth and reduces stress levels.

There are lots of different strategies that can be used in dog training. But we would never advocate any approach that could harm an animal. Food-based puzzles and rewards are always a firm favourite for most of our four-legged friends!

Socialising with other dogs

As dog training creates simple boundaries, this also helps them to socialise with other dogs too. Socialising is very important for your dog’s wellbeing, and this should start from a young age. Puppies that play together will be more confident around other dogs as they get older.

Socialising is another way that dogs can build their confidence and it helps to reduce any distress when they face new situations. A well-trained and socialised dog is less likely to be aggressive, bite, or suffer from separation anxiety.

Our team are trained to work with dogs

If you are going to work with a dog trainer, then please ensure you choose someone who is experienced and qualified with good reviews. We work closely with a number of dog trainers, so please contact us if you need any recommendations.

At Doggy Daycare at the Willows, we always encourage our customers to train their dogs at an early age while they’re still puppies. We have to assess every one of our customers’ dogs to make sure they are able to socialise with other dogs.

We place great importance in understanding and managing dogs’ behaviour. All of our Doggy Daycare Assistants are very well-trained in this area. Most of our team are qualified in or studying either a BTEC in Animal Care or Animal Management.

Want to learn more about our doggy day care service? Just Get In Touch for a friendly chat.

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