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Importance of fitting a dog harness or collar correctly

Doggy Day Care at the Willows

Doggy Day Care at the Willows

Importance of fitting a dog harness or collar correctlyFitting a dog harness or collar correctly will help to avoid pressure on your dog’s neck or back. It’s important to always ensure their safety and comfort. So, how can you fit a harness or collar in a way that gives you gentle control without distressing your furry friend?

Risks of badly fitted collars and harnesses

There are a lot of cheap and poorly made collars and harnesses available online and in-store that can be safety hazards. Always ensure that you buy a quality item from an ethical company. A badly designed collar or harness can cause serious limb injuries and even strangulation. Even well-made collars can cause damage if they are not fitted correctly.

Also, it’s worth noting that we do not advocate in any way the use of ‘prong collars’. This type of collar has metal prongs to stop your dog pulling on the lead. However, this causes pain to the animal and can lead to injuries, infected puncture wounds and nerve damage. Always consider the health and wellbeing of your pet. There are several ethical ways to stop lead pulling. If you need to train your dog, we can recommend some trusted dog trainers.

Choosing a collar for a puppy or dog

An adjustable, single-layered, standard flat collar with a fast-release buckle is the safest option. These types of collars usually have a metal ring for attaching your dog’s ID tag and lead. Some collars also have UV colours and reflective patches for visibility in the dark.

If you have a puppy, you will need to allow room for growth when choosing a collar. Make sure the collar isn’t too tight, causing pressure or irritation, or too loose which could cause injuries. Remove collars at night to allow your dog’s skin to breathe.

How to fit a harness on a dog

A harness is a safe and gentle way to control your dog while walking. Below is some step-by-step guidance:

  1. Before putting on the harness, always make sure your dog is comfortable and not trying to back away.
  2. Gently place the head part around your dog’s neck.
  3. Next, adjust the straps on the top around their chest and then the bottom straps underneath their legs. You should be able to slip two fingers under them comfortably.
  4. If your dog seems okay with the harness, clip it together and attach the lead.
  5. Lastly, check that your doggy is happy in their new comfy harness!

Always prioritise your dog’s wellbeing

Doggy Daycare at the Willows believes strongly in the welfare of our day care dogs. Our team can recommend good makes of dog collars and harnesses. From our sand school to indoor playrooms, we have a variety of environments and activities to enrich their daily lives.

Our Doggy Daycare Assistants are fully trained and will ensure your four-legged companion enjoys lots of fun and mentally stimulating activities when they spend time with us.

For a friendly chat with our team about our doggy day care services, get in touch.

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